Episode Two of Cubeception is out!

I have uploaded Episode Two of my Cubeception playthrough in Minecraft! This time I managed to add a bit of music to my intro and outro which was a ton of fun. I also attempted to add a couple other little edits through the video but unbeknownst to me when I uploaded it, those changes were for some reason not saved. Well, live and learn! I’m still a noob at this whole YouTube thing, but I’ll get there!

I hope to record episode three soon, but until then, go check out episode two!

Minecraft Cubeception EP2: Creepy Dystopian Lava Church


A New Endeavor

So, I have finally started a gaming YouTube channel! It took me a few years of thinking and preparing but I finally feel ready. I’m told I can be amusing sometimes and I can definitely keep commentary up, so here I go!

My first video is episode one of the Minecraft adventure map Cubeception, which is based on the movie Inception. It was a ton of fun to record and I’m excited to continue! Check it out!

Minecraft Cubeception EP 1: We Need to Go Deeper