Cubeception Episode 3 has been Unleashed!

I finally managed to record and upload episode three of my playthrough of the neglected but awesome adventure map Cubeception! 

Watch it here:

I had a lot of fun recording it, and lost track of time a little. But this time my edits worked! 

Go! Watch it! You’ll laugh regardless; either because you think I’m funny or because I fail so miserably at it. Still a success in my book! Don’t forget to leave a like and if you want more, hit subscribe!


Well, I’ve Finally Done it.

So, I caved to the suggestions of friends, family, and my explorer’s heart, and created a blog. I’ve always considered myself to be a thinker and philosopher, but I’m never sure if anyone is actually interested in what I have to say, which, to be honest, is quite a lot when it’s a subject I’m interested in.

I guess we shall see, won’t we?

I won’t pretend that I’ll post on a regular schedule, or promise what I’ll write about. But I will post when I can. 

The anchor’s up and the sails are deployed, so stay tuned.